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"When you are 12 years old girl, it is normal to dream, but later, when we grow up, it is our responsibility, dreams to become true"

Olga Moiseenkova

Founder, CEO

Short description and facts

In 1880, under the order of the Russian Emperor Alexander II, rose oil specialist Kushilov arrived to Georgia.

See below​ Extract from Report “Climate Change and Agriculture in Kakheti Region”

Year 1880 

By decree of last Emperor of Russia, Nicholas II, began planting scented rose plantations in Georgia, on that time part of Russian Empire. Georgia was recognized as a most suitable location due to its Mediterranean climate.

Year 1898 


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the planting of roses also disappeared

Year 1992 


Independent Georgia began the revival of the industry. Cultivation restarted again in Kakheti region.

Year 2002 

The first 6 hectares of baby plants of the Damascena rose were planted.

Year 2014 

Planted another 12 hectares of the Damascena roses. The construction of a factory / hangar for production of rose oil.

Year 2015

Planted 52 hectares of baby plants of the Damascena; 10 hectares of roses rose Gallica. The construction of the plant is finished. Was purchased and installed equipment for the production of rose oil by steam distillation.

Year 2016


The first crop of roses was obtained / collected. The first rose oil of Damascena in amount of 4 kilograms.

Year 2017

Received 17 kilograms of oil from the Damascena rose and 5 kilograms of rose Gallica.

The company is currently continuing expansion of the plantation.

Year 2018

Crop 2017

Crop 2018


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